Our custom designed cattle gates and corral panels are second to none!

The strength and durability of our gates and panels is top notch.  By running our own
galvanized steel tubing we have first hand knowledge of it's strength, and using our
tm rust prevention you can be sure that these products will not only last
while under the harshest of elements, but they will retain their first class appearance
for longer.  Why settle for lesser quality when you can get a better and heavier gate and
panel for a competitive price.
6-Bar Cattle Gate sizes and
estimated weights are as
      4' gate = 30 lbs.        
      6' gate = 38 lbs.        
      8' gate = 44 lbs.        
     10' gate = 56 lbs.    
     12' gate = 66 lbs.       
     14' gate = 76 lbs.        
     16' gate = 86 lbs.

We use 18 gauge galvanized
round tubing when
manufacturing these products.  
All necessary hardware is
included with your order.
Corral Panel size and  
estimated weight is as
12' corral panel= 72 lbs.
8' goat panel= 41 lbs.

We use 18 gauge galvanized
round tubing when
manufacturing these products.  
The bottom bend conveniently
keeps your panel from sinking
into the ground, making it easier
for working in the field.  

We manufacture our panels with
a chain latch locking system.  
This allows for great ease of
assembly and is also adaptable
with all makes of panels
regardless of the height.  It also
ensures that your panels will
adapt and hold securely even
when working on uneven

We also offer panels equipped
with a standard hinge pin locking
system for easy assembly and
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Valley View Tubular Products Inc.
Painted Gates and Panels:
Our painted gates and corral
panels are also manufactured
with galvanized steel.  We use
our CAOG (Custom Application
Over Galvanized) paint
application to attain a strong
bond between the steel and the
paint.  So go ahead and rough
'em up, it's still galvanized under
the paint!!!

Gates and Panels available in:
Red, Green or Black